• Hava Durumu / Weather Report

2019 Tuna Masters Alaçatı Tournament Program

The program has been prepared so as to vary according to probable weather conditions.

The organization committee is entitled to be flexible in the program.

The 2 days when the actual fishing will take place during the tournament will be determined according to the days which offer the most favorable weather conditions among the total four-day program.

The final program will be published on the tournament website a week before the tournament.

When necessitated by weather conditions, boats will be informed 3 days before, at the latest, and all entrance to the marina may be shifted to Thursday, October 10th; and Friday, October 11th may be accepted as the first day of the tournament.  In this case, boats that fail to enter on Thursday will suffer a day loss.

10th October Thursday

09.00-15.00 Arrival of the boats and settlement in the marina

12.00-17.00 Competition entries

17.00-19.00 Mandatory Skippers meeting

Explanation of the competition rules and introduction of competition area


11th October Friday

07.00 Departure from the Marina

15.30* Lines Out

17.00** Weigh station closing time

18.00 Announcement of the Referee judgments.


12th October Saturday

Free Fun Day


13th October Sunday

07.00 Departure from the Marina

15.30* Lines Out

17.00 Weigh station closing time

19.00 Announcement of the Referee judgments.

19.30 Award ceremony and celebration dinner

*In the case that a fish is hooked before 15.30, if the fight is continuing, the competitor has the right to an extension in order to continue the fight for an additional 45 minutes, provided the referee board is informed. The same extension is also applied to the Weigh Station Closing Time. No other fishing activity is allowed during this extension.