In this 10th year of ours, we are very proud and happy. We are grateful to you all who have been with us all the time by marking their calendar days a year in anticipation. For ten years we hosted friends and we were joined every following year by diverse and colourful new characters. We wanted to honour those who didn’t leave us alone by joining every single tournament in the past 10 years with a commemorative gold medal, and those who followed for 9 years with an equivalent silver medal.

According to the results we reached after our historical participation investigations, we hereunder publish the list of the medal winning participants. Selections have been inclusive of this year’s registrations and pending confirmation and correction in case of default in 2016.

These lists were drafted with utmost care but can nevertheless bear omissions, and in case you do believe so, we beg you to inform us immediately, thus enabling us to proceed with the necessary corrections.

Gold Medal:

  • Berent Akdemir
  • Gökhan Çarmıklı
  • Burhan Çavuşoğlu
  • Osman Üçer
  • Suat Evren
  • Sayan Sokullu
  • Mark Benmayor

Silver Medal:

  • Can Kestelli
  • Tolga Aydınol
  • Enis Güngör
  • Turan Mutlu
  • Umut Kızıltan
  • Ömer H. Karaosman
  • Ege Kestelli
  • Erhan Yağımlı
  • Kağan Özbenli

Tournament Special Gold Medal:

  • Ömer Üçer


Even when roaming the rough waters of Alaçatı in quest of a good fish can be considered a success, some of the boats and their teams managed to crown their successes with medal rewards.

We developed a scheme for screening the most successful boats/teams and the leading boats did emerge from the such scoring. When effecting this scoring we also took into consideration of the changes of boats by their owners and their teams, considered their last boat but transferred their previously accumulated scores. When giving the scores, 3 points went to the Overall 1st, 2 points to the Overall 2nd, 1 point to the Overall 3rd, and 3 points to the Biggest Catches. As a result, the outcome for the boats entering this 10th year is as follows, and constitutes a serious competing situation amongst these 3 boats, for this year’s winners. The final has consolidated after the conclusion of this 10th Tournament.


El Quizo (8 points)


Dorado (6 points)

Uhuru (6 points)


Espadon (5 points)


Since its birth until today, and with great efforts, we managed to raise this tournament to become the largest offshore one in Europe. We could not achieve this without the formidable support of our sponsors who stood by us since the very first day. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank every one of our sponsors for being with us.

Many of our sponsors were with us for many of the following years and experienced with us the very pleasure of this tournament. But amongst all of them there are a few who took a much higher standing in our lives by granting us their uninterrupted support. These hereunder named ones hold a special place for us and we wanted to honour them with the 10 th year medal.

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